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iPhone 6 screen frame drop - how to fix it?

Posted on 27th Oct 2016 @ 3:36 AM

       in spite of before model, iPhone 6  and iPhone 6S screen has a serious problem. When you replace the screen, the frame is bonded well, and seems to be strong enough. Even you pull and push the frame with finger, the frame won't loose easily. But when customers use the new iPhone screen for few weeks, the frame always drop off..  This problem happened more offen on copy iPhone 6 screen.

What is the reason of the problem?

It is very hard to say exactly what cause the iPhone 6 screen frame drop. but below are some reasons.

1. The adhesive of glue is not strong enough.

2. The glue is too little as iPhone 6 screen is thickless,, more glue is needed.

3. The iPhone is too hot, and the hot-melt temperature of the glue is too low, that the glue is always useless after the screen hot.

4. The earpiece/camera ring/sensor holder and other small parts on screen hold up the screen frame.

5. Users have bad habit to use iPhone, he always hold iPhone on the frame, and it cause frame drop.

6. iPhone 6 is too thin, it cause the iPhone 6 back housing distoration. iPhone 6 screen don't match the back housing perfectly. This cause the frame is under pressure after installation. After a long time, the frame drop off.

7. The frame don't fit the digitizer perfectly. it make the frame  always be under pressure. After long time use, the frame drop.


What we do to fix the problem?

To avoid this problem, we replaced the glue, and improved the procedure. But we can't fix this problem completely. Other suppliers of iPhone LCD also meet same problem,nobody know how to fix the problem perfectly.  But we try to improve the problem with our effort:

1. Our worker will test all iPhone 6 screen frame one by one before shipping, make sure they are bonded well. The glue is strong enough, they can't be take off easily.

2. We also will test the size of iPhone 6 screen, and make sure the screen match the back housing perfectly. No distoration.

3. We will send a transparent silicone case to customers for each iPhone 6 screen. With the protection of soft case, the problem will improved largely, i think.

4. We will ship a glue to customers who always buy iPhone 6 screen. In case the frame loose, he can use the glue to fix the problem easily.

5. Customers can also ship those defective screen which drop the frame back to us. We will replace the screen to you.

What can customers do for this problem?

Customers can also do something to fix the problem and reduce displute.

1. You can test all iPhone 6 screens after get the package, checking the frame with fingers one by one, make sure they are bonded strongly.

2. Please make sure the back housing of iPhone 6 is not distorted before installation. Some defective iPhone 6 back housing don't fit the screen perfectly, it will cause the frame loose.

3. If the iPhone 6 screen don't match the back housing, try another back housing, don't install the screen reluctantly.

4. Ask the iPhone user to put on the silicone case to his iPhone. This will bring more protection to the screen.