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How to avoid iPhone LCD touch problem?

Posted on 27th Oct 2016 @ 3:36 AM

To reduce defective and ensure good quality, all iPhone screens are 100% tested in our warehouse. We make sure all iPhone LCD working perfectly before shipping.

However, some customers claim, there are some screens which have problem on touch function after replacement, such as touch delay, dead pixel, or even no touch function on the glass. What caused those touch problem? And how to avoid it?

1. The "touching function part" is crashed.

There is a special part on the backside of LCD, it is on the top of backlight. This part is very easy to be damaged. If the lcd is pressed strongly, or somebody catch the screen with wrong way while replaceing the screen, it is veay easy to damage this part, and cause touch problem on digitizer.  Our technist checking all defective LCD returned from customers, 60% touching problem are caused by this reason. So please pay most attention to this part on your operation.


2. The screw is to tight

When assemble the screen to iPhone, some customers put the Locking screw too tightly. It is very easy to damage the "touching function part", and cause touch problem.  We suggest our customers give more space to the screw while replace the screen, it will bring less problem.


3. Conductive Adhesive damage

There is a drop of conductive adhesive on each corner of iPhone LCD. It is used to connect the digitizer and LCD together. If the conductive adhesive is damaged, or connect not well, it may cause touching problem on digitizer.  Take care of these 2 corners, they are very important parts.


4. The Digitizer Flex cable is damaged

Please don't pull or push the digitizer flex cable hardly, or even bend it strongly, it is very easy to cut the metal line inside the flex. The touch screen will lose touch function if the flex cable is damaged.


Other Reasons

Other reasons may also casuse the touch problem on digitizer. such as damage on delivery....  Please test all iPhone screen after you get the package. We will replace all those defective screens for you.  And please take care of your operation. Bad operation may also cause damage to iPhone screen, and we don't charge for your mistake. (as we can get exchange from factory).