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Quality Check

 We only offer top quality LCD screen. To insure best quality, all iPhone LCD are 100% tested in our warehouse. No screen can reach customer without the inspecting procedure. Quality is most important for us! No bad Display Screen LCD will reach you. We have 6 steps to test the screen. 

Step 1. Display screen apearance checking

      Put the iPhone LCD screen together with a standard sample. Check both the front and back side. Ensure there is no color difference, no scratch on touchscreen, no fault on surface, no dirty, no overflow of glue, no damage on Flex cable, no wrong frame bezel. It is easy to find the difference between the testing LCD and the standard sample. Any appearance problem is not acceptable.


Step 2. Checking the glue on frame.

      Push the LCD frame bezel with fingers, to check it is strong or not. The adhesive must adhere firmly, no stripping, no peeling off.



Step 3. Checking Small parts on Screen

      Make sure all these small parts on iPhone screen are fixed, camera ring + anti-dust metal grid + sponge on back of connector


Step 4. iPhone screen function checking

        Connect the iPhone LCD to the testing panel. Check the black, white and color display. Ensure there is no LCD display problem, such as spot on display, shadow on background´╝îlight too weak, flashing or other display problem. If everything is ok, then test the touch screen function. Make sure the digitizer work well. There is no dead pixel area, no touching delay, no in-sensitive. This is the most important step on screen testing.


Step 5. Screen size and shape checking

      Put the LCD screen into the back housing, to check whether they match well. All screen must fit the housing perfectly. All those lifting up (too big or too small or distortion) screen will be refused.


Step 6. Re-checking and carton packing

      Put all product into the carton, re-check the model, color and quantity. If everything goes well, put some silica gel drier, fullfil the carton with some foam and seal it.


This is our current LCD Screen inspecting procedure. You can also watch our online video on youtube.com. Your feedback will be much appreciated.

Youtube watch iPhone LCD Testing Video!